The Blueprint to Success

Taking you from zero to funded. FAST!

Reduce Chart Anxiety

Results in better decision-making, a boost in emotional well-being, increased confidence, and many other benefits.

Trade Alongside Your Job

Maintain a stable income and relieve the financial stress often associated with full-time trading.

Limited Chart Time Required

Whether you're a novice or an experienced trader, our systems are designed to benefit traders schedules.

Simple Mechanical Approach

Our customized system offers the ultimate mechanical and simple approach. Ditching the noise and focusing on what matters.
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Find out how our students changed their lives trading our system!

Who we are

About Evolution Markets

We will teach you how to trade the financial markets with our unique and mechanical trade systems.

Flexible Courses

No matter what you're doing or where you are, our online courses allow you to learn at your own pace.

Learn From Experts

We've assembled a team with 20+ years experience to bring you the most up-to-date content with 24/7 support.

Scale To Financial Success

Our customized system offers the ultimate capability to scale your capital. Fostering sound financial habits, for the long term

What Do I Get Access To?

We provide the tools for you to build a future full of success. Whether that be in swing trading, day trading, algo trading, stock trading and much more!


An Empowering and Engaging Members Portal.

Welcome to your dedicated trading knowledge portal, where you'll find the latest Evolution Markets FX content and wealth of resources designed to build your technical analysis skills and essential aspects of mindset. Here you'll find our trade systems, psychology modules and much more!


Discord Trade Floor.

On the Discord Trade Floor, you'll have the opportunity to participate in live trade discussions, where our experienced traders share their analysis, trade entries and market insights. This real-time interaction allows you to witness different trading approaches, ask questions and broaden your understanding of the markets.


The Weekly Service

Take advantage of our weekly live calls where we breakdown key aspects in real time. Also get daily updates, end of day review, sunday market breakdown and trade recaps.

Get to know us

The Team

We have a winning team made up of professionals from different
fields who share their knowledge to help you get started in your trading journey.

Scott Taylor

Founder & Coach

Tom Quinzi

Founder & Coach

Callum Price

Founder & Coach

20+ Years of Experience

Students Mentored


Lesson on Demand

The Blueprint to Success

The Curriculum

From beginner to advanced trader, we got you covered.

Phase 1

Intro to Forex

This foundational course is designed to guide beginners through the essentials of Forex trading. Discover the initial steps to set yourself up for success in the world of forex.

Phase 2

Trading Psychology

Delve into the critical aspect of trading that often determines success or failure. Our Psychology module is designed to equip traders with the mental and emotional tools necessary to thrive.

Phase 3

The Power of Two

Unlock the potential of Forex trading with 'The Power of Two', our exclusive HTF and methodical trading system. This is designed to offer a unique approach to the markets, combining simplicity with effectiveness.

Phase 4

Evolution X

Our cutting-edge advanced system tailored for advanced Forex traders seeking a sophisticated and robust approach to the markets. Evolution X is a rule-based system that specializes in range and liquidity trading, offering a strategic edge in volatile market conditions.

Phase 5

Stock Market Mastery

Dive into the dynamic world of stock market investing with our comprehensive 'Stock Market Series' module. This series is meticulously crafted to cater to both beginners and experienced traders, providing an in-depth understanding of stock market investment.

Phase 6

The Weekly Service

Stay ahead in the ever-evolving Forex market with 'The Weekly Service,' a comprehensive and interactive feature of our course. This service is tailored to provide continuous support and updates, ensuring you are always informed and ready to make strategic decisions.

What our students say about us

Lou @lou2021


"I’ve been trading seriously now for over 3 years and funded for 6 months. Aside from trading I also own a business and unlike some, my goal has never been to quit work and purely trade.

My problem has always been trying to find a strategy which fits around an already busy schedule.

The ‘Power of Two’ strategy is finally something that feels realistic as a long term, reliable and repeatable method that I can comfortably trade alongside work. Clear rules make it simple to backtest and the 15 min timeframe means it’s super-quick to forecast each morning.

The Power of Two is the real deal and the coaches here are INCREDIBLE! I would highly recommend Evolution to new and experienced traders alike. I’m so glad to have found this place!!"

Joe @the_stink

"I happened to see EM and checked out the YouTube. I quickly realised, after a few short videos that there was nothing but logical decision making occurring, which was allowing people to trade consistently and profitable.

I truly underestimated the power of being surrounded by like minded people with the same passion, vision and goals.

I paid for the lifetime membership on the 24/03/2023. In the short space of 4 days I feel like a different trader. The content, systematic strategy, guidance and welcoming members has been more than I ever expected.

TPOT not only gives you the power of picking high probability trades, it allows you to really take you time and consider."

Elijah @freeghxst

"I’m at a loss for words honestly, I can truly say that this was my last stop.

I always been a hard worker and this course has been very in depth covering a lot of things I used to struggle with, already done hours of testing and being able to adjust my plan accordingly.

I’ve been in a few communities but none of em compare to this & I only been here less than a week. very excited for what’s in store.

I appreciate the hard work @Scott Taylor @Tom Quinzi @Callum Price  you guys put in to provide high quality content for us"

Shaun @shauncritten

"Having gone from the extreme of trying to identify and manage trades on the hourly chart (and becoming insomniac with low RR infrequent trades) to becoming consumed with M1 “sauce”, the EVO HTF strategy is the real deal.

Truly mechanical with reliable, frequent and consistent returns. A high strike rate that makes it much easier to accept probabilities.

Backed by mentors who care, are knowledgeable and approachable. Would recommend this to any struggling trader looking to break through to consistency."

Kayla @kayfx

"Hi guys, I'm still so early on in my journey but just wanted to show my appreciation to all at evolution markets.

I've always wanted to try and learn forex to work towards financial freedom however I didn't know where to start and had zero guidance.

I've been with evolution markets for a month now and can't believe how easy it's been to learn all that I need to know. The community and support that comes with it is second to none.

I've been really impressed with the content provided and daily support from the guys at evolution any questions and queries are answered so quickly and in terminology that is easy for me to understand with it all being so new to me, sorry for my constant questions guys.

I'm really excited about how far I can take my trading journey and to keep learning and developing to achieve my goalsThanks again all"

Ollie @zzzz

"Hey guys joined EVO for the first time in early April of this year and without a doubt my trading has reached a new level.

Been trading for about 2 years and never found consistency trading the LTF. The strategy taught here at EVO has instilled a lot of patience in me which was something I was previously lacking.

The real value for me though is how quick the coaches are to answer my questions, no matter how silly some of my questions are they still always answer them immediately.

Never been in a community with this much support and whilst I may not be funded yet I know that with what I've learnt here that it is only a matter of time.

Again just want to say a big thank you to @Tom Quinzi @Scott Taylor and @Callum Price for everything you guys have done here with EVO. This community is for sure the last stop for any trader searching for consistency and would even recommend to more experienced traders who want to spend less time on the charts. Looking forward to using what I've learnt here to give both myself and my family a better life"
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