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Full Strategy Breakdown

You will get instant access to a full trading strategy that includes mindset help, risk management and how to build your very own trade plan.

Trade While You Work

The concepts have helped over 3,000 to earn while they work, as most if not all aspiring traders are coming from a working background to better themselves onto financial freedom.

Minimal Chart Time

Once you have gone through this free course you will be ready to start analysing financial markets and with this strategy it takes less then 30 minutes per day.
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This funded trader has bought almost every course out there, and found little to no success until now...
He achieved funding before, but admitted it was through "gambling" and soon lost it again.
Now, he is funded again and reaching pay-outs, but this time he did it differently...
What did he change?
He found a simple and mechanical trade system, that he could have a clear rule set when he came to the charts and this gave a sense of clarity and reduced chart anxiety as he knew what to look for and at what time.
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"I am confident I can extract money from the market every week" Says Iain...
Iain needed a trading strategy which he could use without it getting in the way of his 9-5 business.
Fortunately Iain works remotely from home, however he didn't want to be glued to his charts for hours on end and TPOT attracted him to the prospect of a "Less is more" approach.
The typical Supply & Demand way of trading wasn't giving Iain consistent results and he found previous Forex Communities just too noisy and unhelpful.
After joining Evolution Markets, Iain worked his way through The Power of Two Strategy over a period of 4-6 weeks. Then moved onto back testing the strategy to give him the confidence to live trade the strategy without hesitation.
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His Funding Challenge account was at almost negative 10% and he was about to fail the Challenge...
His next trade HAD to be a winner or he would fail, again!
He took a step back seeing his Challenge was no time limit with The Funded Trader.
He found "The Power Of Two" HTF Strategy by Evolution Markets FX and put in the work to learn and collect data on the strategy.
Then he made 20% over the next 10 trading days which passed his Funding Challenge! 
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"I've just made my monthly salary with my first pay out, way more". Says Mike.
Mike came to the realisation he didn't need to stare at the charts all day fearing he would miss an opportunity. He could simple set an alert on the 15m liquidity sweep and walk away.
"The stress I used to feel constantly monitoring the 1 minute chart, I do not miss." Says Mike.
One of the biggest pieces of advice Mike gives on how to successfully pass a funding challenge is patience. Using the time you have to pass the challenge and only taking set ups which fit your plan.
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6-figure funded trader Nicholas shares how he went from a stressed-out, emotional trader. Hardly having any spare time away from the charts and struggling with consistency. To adopting to a very mechanical, repeatable higher time-frame trading strategy in under two months.
How he passed his Challenge and Verification with little to no anxiety, acquired funding and instantly gained the freedom to enable him to spend precious time with his wife and children every day!
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Trading was affecting his 9-5 and his family life because he was staring at the charts all-day long neglecting everything else.
"All the emotional ups and downs to make consistency. And trust me, there were many downs." Says Steve.
Steve could never get past a Funding Challenge phase previously trading the LTF, until he comes across The Power of Two Strategy and within 2 months, found consistency. He became £20k funded and gained so much more free time to focus on his work and spend time with his family.

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